Avanti User Group Conference Delivers in Nashville

Greg Cholmondeley | November 22, 2019

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Hear Greg from PRINTelligence talk about why attending AUGC19 was such a great experience


Last week I attended the Avanti User Group Conference (AUGC). It was a memorable event, and not just because it was held at the same time as the Country Music Awards show in Nashville, Tennessee. Roughly one hundred people attended the AUGC to participate in either the Avanti Classic track or the Avanti Slingshot track.

AUGC was one of the best user conferences I’ve attended for several reasons:

  1. Avanti shared information about their strategy, vision, and roadmaps along with presentations by key integration partners. I am always impressed and grateful, with vendors who share their direction with their customers. It sets expectations and provides comforting knowledge of a long-term commitment.
  2. Avanti provided deep dives on software modules with an emphasis on new capabilities. These are useful for companies who use these modules because you can’t help but learn something new. They are also helpful for those considering these modules because understanding the details is critical before making decisions about these types of systems. Spending an hour deep-diving into a module might spark ideas and present capabilities and uses the brochures could never capture or it might provide valuable insights from a fellow user.
  3. One of the best features was their Ask Avanti Experts room. They had a dedicated room, open every day, where attendees could sit down with Avanti Experts and get help with anything. I imagine that almost everyone had a couple of questions in mind when they arrived and developed some more while sitting in the sessions. Speaking with Avanti experts is a fantastic opportunity to spend one-on-one time with anyone you need, from technical experts up to the president. And when I say experts, I mean it. Not only do they possess vast knowledge on their products, almost all of the Avanti staff have worked in the industry during their career. I think the Ask Avanti Experts segment probably justified the trip all by itself for the attendees who elected to use it.
  4. I loved the way Avanti listened to their customers. They were always paying as much attention to their customers as their attendees were focusing on the presentations. In addition, Avanti set up numerous roundtables on business strategy, KPIs, Print Service Providers future directions, 3rdparty integration and workflow automation which was where Avanti reiterated their commitment to OEMing EnFocus products. These moderated roundtables consisted of ten to twenty people, which brought in a mix of perspectives while keeping it personal. I moderated the KPI, and in-plant sessions and the attendees in my groups were highly engaged.

Of course, there were keynote presentations, customer presentations, and evening entertainment. I particularly enjoyed listening to some top Nashville music writers perform their songs one evening and the caricature artistry of Wayne Tillett on another. For once, I think I found a caricature that resembles me. What do you think?

All in all, the Avanti Users Group Conference was a worthwhile event. It was not a sales pitch, it was existing customers and Avanti staff sharing knowledge. I recommend Avanti users and those considering acquiring Avanti products to consider going to the next one in 2021.