Avoid Mistakes that can Cost You Business

Kevin Shaw | September 3, 2019

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We all know that the pace of business is quickening. We also all know that we have to adapt if we’re to meet clients’ needs and thrive. But in an ever-changing environment, it’s easy to make mistakes. How do you avoid that? Here’s a few tips.

Be Reactive Instead of Proactive

If you spend most of your time putting out fires, or dealing with business problems only as they arise, you will put your company at a disadvantage.

Being proactive can be as easy as streamlining reporting and CRM processes. Replacing ad-hoc spreadsheets and paper-based reports with a system that incorporates business intelligence—CRM, dashboards and reporting—production planning, fulfillment, shipping and billing into one modular and scalable platform generates the data you need to be proactive and avoid problems before they can wreak havoc.

Focus on Relationships not Jobs

A job is a one-off endeavor, a relationship is ongoing. A committed client will turn to you time and time again, yet most business owners are so focused on getting jobs out, they neglect to nurture relationships.

Workflow automation is key to developing loyal customers because it incorporates your ‘front of the house’ business process with you ‘back of the house’ production workflow and creates a truly effective managing platform. This is especially important if you want to manage complementary business streams such as marketing, data management, fulfillment and direct mail.

Don’t Undervalue Money Matters

Finances are hugely important. Manage yours wisely by integrating your financial systems with your Print MIS.

When you integrate accounting software such as Microsoft Dynamics GP or QuickBooks, you can save time and easily manage the entire billing process. Real-time data from production modules can automatically populate invoices with order information and prices that were originated during estimating or order entry. Time saved means more profits.

Think Big

More printers are adding services and revenue streams beyond ink on paper. This expansion has to be managed properly.

Businesses need current, accurate data about all aspects of a project going through the shop at any time, from anywhere and on any device. You also need an effective way to communicate what actually happens on each job. Real-time updates ensure everyone has access to the most recent job status, allowing your CSRs to keep your customers informed and happy.

Embrace Technology

Technology is the lifeblood of a business and printers need to keep up. Many printers get by with older, manual systems that don’t utilize web-based technology, or can’t handle the digital workload today’s businesses require. Some companies are not using their Print MIS systems to their fullest capabilities and don’t implement many features.

Properly used, a Print MIS system manages detailed processes and frees up staff to engage in more profitable activities. Use technology to enable better client relationships. Your bottom line will thank you.

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