Challenges of Direct Mail Printing

Matt Prusa | August 10, 2023

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Direct mail marketing has been around next to forever, and it might seem a little dated in the era of digital marketing and social media advertising.

But just like CDs and vinyl (and even cassettes) have continued to coexist (and even make a comeback) during the age of music streaming, direct mail marketing isn’t disappearing. In fact, it has a presence and staying power that digital advertising can’t match.

Marketing using an automated direct mail solution continues to be a powerful technique for connecting with customers personally.

Direct mail printing and marketing has its fair share of challenges in 2023, but the right direct mail printing software solution can overcome these challenges and help you excel via automated direct mail.

How Effective is Direct Mail Marketing?

So in the age of smartphones and targeted advertising, how (and why) is direct mail marketing effective?

One reason is that customers are overwhelmed with a torrent of emails and online ads in 2023. Most people are digitally fatigued. But direct mail marketing provides something real, something tangible with a personalized, relevant call to action. It has the ability to cut through the noise and make a memorable impact.

If you want to stand out, direct mail provides a tangible and refreshing way to connect with your customers.

Here are a few examples of ways that direct mail printing continues to stand out:

  • Tangible presence: Physical mail pieces provide recipients with a sensory experience that internet advertisements cannot match, leaving an enduring impression.
  • Targeted reach: Modern direct mail printing services and software enable the creation of highly targeted campaigns that deliver customized content to your customers.
  • Higher response rates: Research consistently demonstrates that direct mail has higher response rates than digital media.
  • Brand credibility and trust: Receiving physical mail from a company fosters consumer perceptions of legitimacy and trust in the brand.

Examples of Direct Mail Campaigns

If you’ve never run a direct mail campaign before, you may be surprised at what the medium is capable of.

Let's look at some successful campaign examples to gain a better understanding of the adaptability of direct mail marketing:

  • Personalized offers: Sending clients personalized offers based on their past purchases or preferences can increase conversion rates dramatically.
  • Catalog mailings: Businesses can design aesthetically appealing catalogs that highlight their goods or services and let buyers peruse them at their convenience.
  • Coupons sent via direct mail: Giving customers access to special discounts or coupons via direct mail promotes customer loyalty and repeat business.
  • Event invitations: Using tangible invitations to invite customers to exclusive events or product launches gives the occasion a sense of importance and exclusivity.

Direct Mail Printing Challenges

Successful direct mail campaigns require effective printing solutions. But the right software isn’t the only necessary ingredient for success.

Consider some of the unique challenges of printing direct mail:

  • Time and financial restrictions: Traditional printing techniques for direct mail can be costly and time-consuming, especially for small firms with tight budgets.
  • Personalization obstacles: Printing personalized material in large quantities requires modern, reliable variable data printing technology.
  • Quality control: To strengthen the brand’s image, you must maintain uniform print quality over a significant number of mail pieces.
  • Data management: Working with enormous amounts of client data for segmentation and customization can be difficult and error-prone. In fact, a 2023 report indicates that 32% of polled marketing professionals identified bad address data as their top direct mail challenge.

Businesses increasingly look to direct mail printing services to address these issues.

Automated Direct Mail Services by Avanti

Avanti Slingshot™ with BCC Mail Manager integration provides a state-of-the-art automated direct mail printing solution that takes care of the issues that printers are facing around direct mail in 2023.

Our direct mail printing solution streamlines the entire direct mail campaign process, from data administration to printing and distribution.

By leveraging Avanti's automated direct mail services, you can substantially lower your costs.

Avanti Slingshot lowers manual labor and wasteful material use by streamlining print and mail workflows. It also automates repetitive tasks and eliminates manual intervention, saving time and resources and eliminating one of the biggest sources of print errors.

Avanti Slingshot™ also provides greater efficiency. Slingshot replaces inefficient manual processes, automating your mailing process by passing your customer’s data directly to Mail Manager. Here, the mailing information is checked with the USPS and sent back to an Avanti Slingshot order. Voila: if your customer provided you with an accurate mailing address, you can rest assured that your campaign will get to them.

Avanti Slingshot improves branding and consistency by providing centralized control over printing and design templates. The result? You can create a unified, expert image across all print assets by using consistent branding, which improves your overall brand messaging and recognition.

Additionally, you can improve customer communication using Avanti Slingshot's integrated customer relationship management (CRM) features.

With these, you can customize direct mail campaigns and marketing materials to specific customers by preserving client information, preferences, and order history. Customers respond more favorably to personalized communications, which increases response rates and boosts consumer engagement.


Take Advantage of Direct Mail Printing with Avanti

Direct mail marketing continues to be an effective tactic in 2023 because it has distinct advantages over digital mediums. And businesses that use automated solutions like those provided by Avanti Slingshot™ possess a distinct advantage when it comes to the difficulties involved with direct mail printing. You can improve your brand messaging and forge closer ties with your target audience by producing more affordable, effective, and tailored direct mail campaigns.

Schedule a demo today to see how you can maximize direct mail marketing's potential in the digital age by embracing automation and innovation with Avanti Slingshot’s Print and Mail Solutions.