Why did "Our Daily Bread" call Avanti Slingshot a Game Changer?

Sedan Kureshi | August 19, 2019

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One of the best printshop software solutions available today is Avanti Slingshot. This case study describes Our Daily Bread Ministries choice of Avanti Slingshot Print MIS software to address their need for real-time access to project production costs on every project, from setup to fulfillment.


The Print Shop Customer

Our Daily Bread Ministries Grand Rapids print facility produces 62 million devotional booklets and 72 million impressions. There are more than ten languages printed in the US. Their M1000 Web press consumes 6 million pounds of paper. The Akiyama Sheet-fed press consumes 11 million sheets of paper. And, their HP7000 and HP5500 digital presses consume 6 million sheets of paper. Since 2011, the facility has grown by 10%.

Every fall, Our Daily Bread Ministries produces a fundraising calendar. This calendar has become extremely popular with its members. This global initiative is produced and mailed alongside Our Daily Bread Ministries millions of other printed materials.

Before implementing Avanti Slingshot print shop software, Our Daily Bread Ministries was finding it almost impossible to systematically measure the entire initiative from beginning to end against their donation base.


Avanti Slingshot Print MIS Case Study

This case study details how implementing Avanti Slingshot’s print shop software solved one of Our Daily Bread Ministries greatest challenges.

Ron Underwood is the Supply Chain team lead. He says:

“Each mailing project is made up of individual components like booklets, brochures, address cards and envelopes”, states Ron. “Our challenge was how to oversee the entire project, with each component having individual requirements. We needed the ability to measure…everything.”Avanti Slingshot Print MIS Software

To meet this challenge, Our Daily Bread Ministries chose Avanti Slingshot Print MIS as the best print shop software solution available. Ron felt is was the best print MIS solution because:

“Other systems were either far behind Avanti’s Print MIS solution or over-engineered. We could have spent far more on other print MIS software solutions, yet not received the benefits and personal attention we get from Avanti.”

The print shop software solution Our Daily Bread Ministries chose included:

  • Avanti Slingshot Print MIS system core modules
  • Change orders
  • Shop floor data collection
  • Web-to-print integration
  • Shipping integration with Fed-Ex and UPS


The Impact of Avanti Slingshot Printshop Software

Implementing Avanti Slingshot provided Our Daily Bread Ministries these print shop efficiency benefits almost immediately:

  • Straightforward upgrade path with attractive cost structure
  • Game-changing visibility to customer and business intelligence from both within and outside the plant
  • Real-time access to all costs, from setup to fulfillment aligned to each specific mailing

The Ministry now has real-time access to ALL costs, from setup to fulfillment, and visibility into where they align to each specific mailing. With this ability they are in a much better position to identify cost-savings opportunities as well as to analyze and set goals for future growth, retention, and membership loyalty.


Avanti Print MIS Links

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For more information call 1-800-482-2908 or email


About Avanti Slingshot Print MIS software

Award-winning, JDF-certified Avanti Slingshot® Print MIS allows for the sophistication required by today’s Print and Marketing Services Providers. The platform is able to manage multiple lines of business, handle large/grand format, digital and offset print, as well as mail and fulfillment workflows. Connect islands of automation, eliminate breakpoints in your workflow, and get the information you want – when you want it, and where you want it – easily, with Avanti Slingshot®. From order entry through to production and billing, Avanti Slingshot enables you to work more efficiently, control your costs and move more jobs through the shop with ease.