Adapting to the Digital World

AFM Rupal | November 18, 2019

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In our ever-changing world, we have seen the concept of the word ‘digital’ revolutionize the way we operate in our daily lives. We can evidently see change; when dealing with our service providers and the way they communicate with us, the way restaurants and retail companies advertise to their target market, and the influence of social media.

However, even in our rapidly changing digital world, print media remains an important way to communicate with consumers. Now the question is, how can we as print-heads, adapt to the digital world? Easy –we need to identify the trends and continue to keep up with the rapid changes to stay ahead of business.


Streamlining the process

Everything is online nowadays, so why not allow your clients to access an online storefront where they can include the details of what they require for print – this is just the beginning. Invest in software; using a robust Print MIS system, like Avanti, that can automatically transfer the online data your client inputs to a job that will push through to your Production team for output. To make it more efficient, integrate with other software to aid in your production workflow, accounting needs, and fulfilment options. It doesn’t end there; you can track inventory, create complex estimates, and manage mailing. This will allow you to process multiple complex jobs in less time, and make enough time for faster turnarounds and great service. Streamlining will create a measurable ROI and make the business profitable.


More value equals more demand

In addition to investing within your business, allow your clients to invest in what they print. In the graphic communications industry, there are many value-adding options such as, new types of ink to create high quality graphics, printing on foil and film, large format printing, on-demand personalized printing, and many more. Businesses should look afar from graphics printing – functional printing is high in demand but not that available. There are functional inks available that can change colour based on temperature and inks that can provide monitoring and sensors on packages. We can definitely expect more digital enhancements that will go hand in hand with print media. Print businesses will be producing printed materials that will also be functional and analytical for a greater value to their consumers.


Expect more change, then adapt

Businesses in the graphic communications industry will be presented with new opportunities; and when they do, jump on them right away. New printing innovations will work seamlessly with new software to make the market more accessible over time. In order to stay ahead of the game, keep up with new innovative technologies and follow the trend of the digital world.