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Avanti Integrates with Enfocus

John Alden | November 4, 2019

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Most graphic arts shops operate with many islands of automation. Chances are yours does too. What do we mean by that? It’s when certain departments and functions are automated, but they haven’t yet been integrated or linked together to create one seamless communication loop that exchanges important data. 

That’s what a Print MIS system like Avanti Slingshot does. It links those islands of automation so that you can eliminate repetitious tasks, cut down on manual entries, and capture all the data you need at every step of the production chain in order to make intelligent, data-based decisions. 

We bridge those islands by integrating Slingshot with other software systems from partner companies. Recently we achieved that integration with Enfocus Switch, which automates your PDF workflow.  

Here’s what this means for you. 

Total integration

Slingshot and Enfocus exchange information about job and production details. When a job comes in, Slingshot sends all relevant details to Enfocus Switch so the job can be processed. Enfocus routes the job through production and once it’s finished, sends data back to Slingshot regarding operations, labor costs, materials used, and so on. Slingshot updates all information in real time and makes the details accessible to other departments. 

Total automation

The bi-directional communication loop is fully automated and forms a complete print-production solution. 

Less human intervention

When you integrate these two powerful engines, you can create a seamless workflow that drastically reduces user touch point and eliminates the manual work associated with entering job specs and production details 

More efficient operations and better quality

No manual work means you can turn jobs around faster by moving files quickly to the right place. It also means lower labor costs, and better profitability because you’re cutting down on the potential for human error.  

Much improved service levels

When your staff is freed from manual, repetitive tasks they can spend time on more higher-value activities, like looking after customers. And faster turnaround times mean happy customers.

You can learn more about About and Enfocus Integration by clicking here.