How to Better Serve Your Millennial Customer

Elina Shafigullina | November 25, 2019

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The current world of print is as competitive as it has ever been. While printers are in high competition between each other they are also placed in direct competition with digital media. With competitive margins production efficiency and productivity are hot topics, however, something even more important that is often overlooked is the customer. As more millennial customers are entering the print industry the more important it will be for any print company to develop a competitive and robust digital strategy to appeal to them.

One of the most important parts of any digital strategy is its customer relationship management (CRM) model. As more and more millennials enter the industry it will be increasingly important for any printer to know how to properly shift their CRM model to better suit their needs. Below are the top 3 ways to improve your organization’s CRM model today:

  1. Enhance Your User Interface

People today, especially millennial customers, have increasingly high expectations for the level of digital care provided to them by printers. A higher level of digital care is important to a customer’s perception of a company and builds brand loyalty. Modern users expect quick response times (no longer than 1 business day), relevancy, and accountability in your interactions. When dealing with customers make it easy for them to submit and track their requests via an intuitive user interface (UI) (Gardiner, 2019). You want a CRM that will allow for role-based user access, email tracking, phone support, and workflow automation.

  1. Provide Enhanced Content Marketing

Millennials feel a strong affinity with companies that provide a high-level of customer care. When reaching out to your customers a generalized message is not going to do it. Personalize your communication with the customer by building a relationship, understanding their needs and habits, and tailoring your products, services and outgoing communication via data analysis (Vilner, 2019). When reaching out to your customer use their name, and only send information that is relevant to their business and unique situation. This way they are more likely to actually read your message instead of leaving you ‘on read’ or sending it directly to spam.

  1. Create an Easy and Seamless Customer Experience

Millennials grew up in the digital age and are highly adept with using apps. They expect the CRM experience to be easy, convenient, and time-saving (for them, not you). Focus on removing any obstacles and complexities from your customer’s way when building your CRM workflow. Create a culture of high accountability to your customer and stick to it. If your customers are reporting that it is difficult to get a hold of your team and that their requests often go unanswered it might be time to reassess your CRM workflow and make some sweeping changes. As CRM evolves don’t get left behind. See how Avanti’s CRM module can help you today.

Here at Avanti, we are always doing our best to practice what we preach. In our effort to provide the best customer care to our users we have continued our investment in our support department. With faster response times, more dedicated support reps, and new customer tools reach out to our team to learn more about how we are working hard to improve your customer experience today!



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