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Kevin Shaw | November 23, 2021

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We are proud to announce that DPS Magazine has named Avanti a top 30 vendor for the third year in a row. Thank you to DPS, their readers, and our user community for your support. For the magazine, this award offers the opportunity to feature products and services in digital print, packaging, and publishing that have garnered the most reader interest throughout the year. For us, it represents so much more.

Streamlined workflows

First and foremost, it recognizes our continuous commitment to helping businesses confidently streamline their workflows to deliver more jobs in less time. Since Avanti was founded, we have equipped print shops and marketing organizations with the tools and technology needed to operate more efficiently and effectively. We have seen our customers cut down on print errors, increase production efficiency, reduce time spent on manual administrative tasks, and more. Ultimately, all of this enables businesses to focus on what we have always considered to be most important: meaningful customer relationships. 


Connections with customers

Speaking of customer relationships, being honored with this award again also testifies to the strength of the connections we have built over the years. We feel privileged to work with such an engaged user community. Whether we are supporting direct mail campaigns for nonprofits or managing commercial prints for publishers, we appreciate the opportunity to serve operations in markets of all kinds.

Log into the Support PortalBecause our platform has the breadth and depth to cater to so many types of printing businesses, it has enabled us to foster a diverse community of users. We see it daily in our Support Portal, where users discuss their deep product knowledge and industry expertise with one another and share fresh product ideas and feedback with us. The insight we get from all these perspectives gives us the inspiration to innovate faster and better. 

That was never more evident than when hundreds of customers gathered in Nashville in 2019 for our user group conference. From round table discussions to product presentations, these opportunities to interact directly with our community motivate us to go above and beyond in bringing the best solutions for everyone’s printing needs to market. We look forward to the day it’s safe to come together again in person for more learning and collaboration. 

Best-in-class technology

3 Steps to More Efficient Soft Proofing

Lastly, this award reminds us that, as leaders in the print management space, we have the opportunity to continue delivering best-in-class technology. Most recently, we helped users address the breakdowns in their proof approval processes that were resulting in delays and miscommunications between stakeholders. Our new Live Proofing module replaces manual processes that can lead to errors and system failures with easy-to-navigate, MIS-integrated functionality.

Onward and upward

We will never stop putting ourselves in customers’ shoes in pursuit of more modern and tech-forward print management. We can’t wait to build on this momentum and bring even more innovative solutions to market in the coming year and beyond.

In the meantime, we’d love to chat with you about strategies to streamline your workflows and make your operations even more efficient. Check out some of the ways we can help.